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I built my first piece of 'furniture' while I was in high school. It was a lovely stereo rack made from particle board, screwed together and painted flat black. Thankfully, my skills have improved a lot since then, and nowadays I strive to design and build finely-crafted furniture. Here a just a few of the pieces that I've built:

Building a pool table was a great challenge because of the large scale and heavy weight involved. The table is constructed of maple, maple plywood, and cherry, and uses a 3-piece slate bed that was salvaged from an old bar table. Click on the photo to see the full story of its construction.
This console table is made of maple with a piece of 1/4" glass set into the top.
Inspired by our visit to Japan, I built this bridge for our koi pond. The main structure was built using pressure-treated lumber for strength and durability, then wrapped in cedar. Small automotive trunk lights are integrated into the center posts.
Built from oak, this bar features true divided-light doors and a granite top. We got a second piece of granite for an existing coffee table that this bar was designed to go with.